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Personal finance manager Moneydance cannot import PayPal transactions directly. As a user you can still export QIF files from PayPal and import them, but that restricts you to US$, a maximum of 2 years, and seems like a cumbersome process anyway.

This extension provides a direct connection to PayPal and allows you to import your PayPal transactions in any currency and date range.


Screenshot 1




The latest signed version is available on the official extensions repository:
 Download PayPal Importer


  1. Add the extension to Moneydance:
    Choose Add… or Manage Extensions… from the Extensions menu (depending on which version of Moneydance you use).
  2. Import transactions from PayPal:
    Select Download PayPal Transactions… from the Extensions menu and a dialog will pop up.
  3. Open a web browser and log into your PayPal account. Request API credentials with an API signature.
  4. View your API signature in your PayPal account. Copy and paste your API username, password, and signature into the dialog in Moneydance.


Please submit bugs, issues and feature suggestions to GitHub’s issue tracker.